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A Happy Dog is a Happy Home: Six Ways to Protect Fido

Dogs love their owners unconditionally and rely on them for their wants and needs. Owners turn to their canines for companionship and a loving bond that should last for years. There are six ways to protect your dog, make him or her happy and encourage a happy home.

Dogs Need Fresh Air

All sizes of dogs enjoy spending time outside in the fresh air no matter what the season. Providing a fenced-in area keeps out other animals that could harm them and eat or infect their food and water. This area also eliminates the need to chain the canine which can be restrictive, cumbersome and potentially harmful. A shaded area is needed for the animal to cool off or get out of the rain, snow or wind if there is a need to be outdoors during wet weather conditions.

Maintain A Clean Area

Most people do not prefer to live in dirty conditions so their dogs should not be expected to either. Indoor dog beds need to be routinely cleaned, and food bowls need washed out to prevent the growth of bacteria. Outdoor spaces such as a dog house, kennel, or dog run should be cleaned at least twice a day of any debris or feces.

Provide Food And Water

Dogs need the proper amount of food to maintain a healthy level of energy. Water is also vital to prevent dehydration. They can also be given dog treats as a special snack and variation from their daily diet.

Pest Control Keeps Pets In Mind

Bed bugs, fleas, spiders and rodents are just a few pests that could cause harm to the pet dog. Indianapolis Pest Control uses products that effectively keep the home and property pest free and are also safe for dogs.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Whether the dog has long or short hair or is small or large, he or she needs the proper attention given to grooming, hygiene and regular medical checkups. All dogs need to be bathed on a regular basis but not so much as to dry out their skin. Nails should be clipped including the dew claws, and regular brushing of long-haired canines prevents matting and tangles. Regular veterinarian checkups including necessary shots, heart worm medication, flea and tick control and any preventative care as they mature should also be done.

Dogs are important family members who deserve love and respect. Giving him or her the proper care makes a happy dog and a happy home for years to come.