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How to Keep Your Pet Safe in Summer Weather

While summer months spell fun for the family, there is one member of your clan that needs special attention when the weather turns hot. Our article below gives some important yet simple steps to take so that your summer is more pleasant and your family pet safer.

Keep Vet’s Phone Number Handy

Just as you would with a family member, be mindful to take note of your veterinarian’s office phone and/or that of an emergency pet clinic. If going away on vacation, be certain to know of the address of such facilities as well as the names of your pet’s current medications.

Have Your Pet Checked Out Before Summer

Here at San Ramon Veterinary Hospital, we request that our clients bring in their pets before the hot summer months for a general check up and testing for heart-worm. It is also advisable maintaining a regular flea and tick control program for your pet’s protection.

Heat Strokes

Pets overheat easily so be certain to observe your pet if a heat stroke is suspected. If so, take your pet immediately to the nearest vet. Some symptoms of overheating in pets may include: excessive panting, labored breathing, excessive salivation, weakness or even unconsciousness. 
Dehydration is something that occurs all too often with pets so be certain to have sufficient amounts of fresh, clean water on hand. In addition, minimize exercise for your pet while keeping an eye out for shady spots to rest in.

No Parking!

A parked car on a hot day easily turns into a furnace--even when in the shade with the windows wide opened. Leave pets at home on scorching days, and avoid a sad ending! If taking your furry companion on a walk, be certain to keep him off hot asphalt streets and cement sidewalks to spare him from first degree burns on his paws.

Make a Safe Splash

Yes, some pets love surfing--most do not! And, not all dogs swim well. If your family loves water sports, then gradually train your pets to get used to the water; moreover, never leave them unsupervised. When boating, be certain to have a firm flotation device fastened around Fido and remember to rinse off any chlorine or saltwater from his fur after a swim.

Keep Far From Snacks

Well-known for precipitating avoidable accidents, holidays are special times for vigilance concerning your family pet. Generally, humans tolerate a lot more snacks and beverages than our furry companions. Be certain to avoid raisins, grapes, nuts, onions and chocolates. Many times, these snacks are prone to cause life-threatening situations for your pet.
Having a safe and fun-filled summer for you and your family is more likely by taking the above mentioned steps before summer starts--especially for that special member of your family.