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How Animals At Home Can Improve Your Health And Lower Stress

Pets can enhance your mood and lower your blood pressure, which relieves stress and improves your overall health. Animals make great companions because they keep you from being lonely and make you feel loved and needed. They give you a sense of being and pleasure that can brighten your life. Pets have long been known to unravel jangled nerves and promote emotional happiness in their owners, even during the very toughest times in life. Let’s face it, dealing with everyday life and people is stressful at times, but having a pet can be a solution to this.

Dogs are a Man’s Best friend

While dogs do require quite a bit of care, the well-being benefits of having a dog are great. They need to be walked daily, which gives their owners routine exercise. They are loyal and will make you feel at ease and protected by letting you know if they think you are in danger. A dog will also let you know that you are valued by showing unwavering love for you. Merely playing or laying with your dog for a few minutes at a time can raise your brain’s levels of dopamine and serotonin, which presents a tranquil calmness without having to take medications.

Cats are Entertaining and Independent

Cats make good friends because they can actually sense what their owners are feeling. Whether you are sensing emotions of sadness, irritability, loneliness or frustration, felines seem to pick up on your feelings and will try to console you by nuzzling or cuddling up to you. They are clean, inexpensive to feed and care for, and groom themselves. A cat can entertain you and itself for hours with simply a paper bag, empty spool, kitty toy, or just about any other object. Felines are good pets for people who travel now and then, because as long as they have a clean litter box and plenty of food and water, they can be left alone for a couple days.

Birds are Ideal Companions

Despite the fact that birds are noisier than most other pets, they make the perfect friend for many individuals, especially for the person who lives alone. They tend to bond with one person, unless everyone in the family plays a big part in feeding and caring for them on a daily basis. Just as many other kinds of domesticated animals, feathered companions demand attention. However, they will return the affection threefold. A bird will relieve stress and fulfill a person’s life by making them feel needed and loved. Yet, the bird can be confined to one area, so it takes up very little space and won’t roam your entire house.

A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet

Keeping your pet healthy is the key to an enjoyable and happy pet, which will assure you a loving animal companion that will help to lower stress and improve your health. Taking your pet for routine exams at a reputable animal clinic, such as Animal Hospital Columbus, can help to keep your pet in top physical condition. A skilled veterinarian can recognize any apparent warning signs for health concerns and test for hidden diseases that are not so apparent. The vet will also keep your animal up-to-date on vaccinations and instruct you on the proper way to care for your pet.

Fish Aquariums Lower Stress

In addition, numerous studies have shown that fish tanks have a soothing, calming effect on nerves and lower blood pressure. This is why it is quite common to find aquariums in waiting rooms at hospitals and doctor offices. Observing fish swim back and forth is relaxing and lessens the anxiety of waiting to be examined. Even a small fishbowl with a betta or goldfish can be comforting, especially for someone who is ill and confined to a bed.