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How To Tell If Your Kids Are Ready For an In House Pet

A house pet can be a wonderful addition to any home, but if you have children you need to make sure that they are ready for the new housemate. There are many things that you should do before you willingly accept any pet into your home.

Expose Them

It is very important to expose your children to a variety of different pets before you bring one home. Some kids could be allergic to certain types of animals, so you should either have them tested for allergies or expose them in other areas before promising to bring one home. This is also a great way to see how your child interacts with different types of pets. You will notice any trepidation quickly when your child is with certain animals.


This is something that you will have to judge for yourself. You need to decide if your child is responsible in other areas of his or her life. It takes a great amount of responsibility to have a pet, so you must make sure that your child can care for it properly. Notice how your child does chores, homework or cleans up the house to get a good idea if he/she can handle a pet.

Make an Agreement

It is important to make sure that you and your child(ren) agree to certain terms with the new pet before it makes an appearance in the home. You need to rules set in place prior to the new pet coming into the home. This could mean putting the child in charge of feeding the pet, taking it for exercise or removing the animal's feces from the specified area. You can put this agreement in writing to create an even bigger impact on the terms of the agreement.

Choosing the Right Pet

You really need to choose a pet that your child is not allergic to, and the child really wants. If you are going to train the child to care for larger animals in the home, you may want to start with an easy animal like a fish. You should also choose a pet that you enjoy having as well. You are more likely to enjoy the experience if you too like the animal. Cat lovers may not enjoy giving their children a dog, so find a good compromise before making any promises.

Artwork and Television

You should also look carefully at the artwork that your child does around the house. If they are constantly adding animals into their drawings and paintings than this could be a sign that they are ready for a pet. Also, check out the television shows that they watch. If your child watches a lot of shows that feature animals, this could also be a sign that your child is ready for an in-house pet.

A pet can be a great addition to any home. Once you have made the decision to own a pet, you should get in touch with a veterinarian to make sure your pet is healthy. Check out the website at: http://www.carmelinveterinaryclinic.com/services/ for additional information about pet care, nutrition, and to schedule an appointment.