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“Hybrid” dog – Isn’t that just an alternative word for Mutt?

We often heard about new “hybrid dogs", or “designer” dogs.  We can see them in pictures that are very adorable and these are the new breeds that are indeed trendy now days.
Of course they’re adorable and cute! All puppies are! Should you spend hundreds of dollars if they aren’t?  The answer to that question is obvious; in fact some pay thousands of dollars for one, certainly true! The young of a mating between two purebred dogs of different breeds is a mutt, a mongrel.  So if you have one, you should love it, care and train it for it as if it had the bluest blood of the canine kingdom.
There are hundreds of breeds of dogs in the world and every breed is uniquely created by humans. Each breed has a specific purpose – whether he is purposely assigned in guarding the flock or simply being an ideal lapdog. There’s no purpose that development shouldn’t continue.  In some instances if there is a need for a dog with specific characteristics, innovative individuals will come forward to fill that need.

However, it takes epochs to “breed true.” Liken yourself to your siblings. Do you all have the same personality, same interests, same looks and strengths? Chances are, you don’t. Each of you has obtained some of the “best” traits of your parents. And each of you has some of the worst.

Two of the well-known mixed-breeds out there now are the “Puggle” and “Golden Doodle.”   The rationale behind these crosses is impartially obvious: wouldn’t it be nice to have a Golden Retriever’s personality and readiness to please combined with the Poodle’s non-shedding coat and intelligence? Wouldn’t it be equally pleased to have a small dog without the breathing issues of a Pug, but quieter than a Beagle?
But there is no way of knowing you won’t get a stubborn, noisy, high-strung, slobbering mutt who sheds like the dickens!

If you are planning to spend your money on these “hybrids” that are commanding, be sure to do a research to all the traits of the contributing breeds. You will get a mixture of the two. And an equally lovable mixture may be waiting for you at your local rescue center –the coat you want with the size you want and the adorable face that melts your heart.

If you necessitate for particular characteristics in your puppy – whether a family member has allergies, or your household requires a quiet, or you have a very small, or no yard, “easy keeper,” or if you wish to fully partake in the world of canine competition, consider a purebred animal. There are over 150 breeds known by the American Kennel Club. Research them all and surely get one that is right for you.

Author Bio:  Wilfred is a writer of a various non-fiction, comic books, graphic novels, myth and reference. He is a proud father of two wonderful pups and two curious cats. He interested in working with a lot people. It is the thing that motivates him aside my form his cute pups and kitties.