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Why not: Antibiotics

Have you wondered why most doctors are being reluctant to give you a prescription for antibiotics except it's confirmed that you are certainly suffering from a bacterial infection? Well, most of us might acclaim it is better late than never, but in the case of antibiotics, we're far too late.

Once upon a time antibiotics were known as a modern miracle for it had helped save lives. The problem occurs when they have overused its medical properties not just for bacterial infections, but every single complication that the doctors didn't know how to treat. In fact, even if the illness was viral, we were habitually given antibiotics so we would likely go home and feel as though the doctor cured us get well.

The truth is, we would have felt better by NOT taking those antibiotics for every single disease we encountered. Our immune systems would've easily recovered if we'd stayed home, drank lots of fluids and rested. This can effectively boost our immune system in accompaniment of natural herbal m medications, homeopathic remedies and whole food supplements.

The rationale why antibiotics have been so widely overused is due to superbugs that had emerged leaving us vulnerable with no recourse – good for those strong immune system because you and your pets can defense yourself against the formidable illness that awaits, beside you can forearm yourself by taking natural supplements, whole food and exercising, so that your body is secured naturally.

By heavily relying upon antibiotics to be the only cure, along with steroids (a consequent article will be intricate on this horrible drug) we’ve induced our pets’ immune systems and left them vulnerable and prone to these superbugs that are incessant to emerge all the time.

"Our society has been conditioned with quick-fix and band-aid medicine. We know from experience that this, often times, only gives temporary relief and in fact can generate a rebound effect of symptoms or undesirable side effects. Complimentary medicine, in particular Homeopathy and Herbs, can play a very large part in the successful rearing of our animals. Homeopathy and Herbs are essential, natural healing processes, providing remedies to assist the patient to regain health by stimulating the body's natural forces of recovery. They concentrate on treating the patient, rather than the disease." Marina Zacharias, author of Healthy Breeding with Herbs and Homeopathy.http://www.naturalrearing.com

But there’s nothing to get worried about, there are alternatives we can use to keep us healthy and to resist these superbugs. First, by using a holistic veterinarian or homeopathic treatment, you can discourse with them about the best options that can keep your pet at their optimal health.  Every animal is as unique as each of us. If you care for your pets in a homeopathic way, this means waiting to treat a specific ailment, and this puts you ahead of the game.

By feeding natural food for your pet's species, such as a raw food diet and incorporating probiotics and whole food supplements, you won't need to distress yourselves about antibiotics and their harmful side effects.

“Something that is also happening is not just superbugs that can be transmitted from animals to humans, but one I know of that can only be transmitted from HUMANS to ANIMALS, and this superbug is called MRSA. While it isn't as evident in the USA, it is rapidly becoming a problem in the UK. It is a superbug, bacterial infection that has developed as a result of overusing antibiotics. I have a dear new friend who lost her companion and friend, Bella, a beautiful Samoyed dog, to these dreaded bacteria. “http://thebellamossfoundation.com

Jesse Dallas, author of Are Antibiotics Making Your Pet Sick? writes “ The body should have 80% friendly bacteria and about 20% bad bacteria inside the intestinal tract. After the use of antibiotics, the body will have no more than 20% friendly bacteria and 80% bad bacteria if not more.

-Most disease, illness and problems begin in the intestinal tract. Consequently, antibiotics generate the potential for serious illness to begin.

- If you let your pets eat foods with preservatives, this means you allow them to take what I call 'hidden antibiotics'.  Preservatives work to control bacteria and once your pet eats food with preservatives, it will eventually have an effect inside the intestinal tract too and kill the friendly bacteria.

-It will take at the least 1 year to recolonize the intestinal tract with friendly bacteria after the use of antibiotics.

-Recolonize the intestinal tract with friendly bacteria by using supplements and feeding natural foods." http://www.pet-grub.com

Now is the right time to be proactive and change this.  We can start by not being apathetic, but by doing action in your life and the lives of your pets; we can and will make a difference.

One thing that is gives us hope is the therapeutic grade essential oils. In 1985 Dr. Jean Claude Lapraz, MD did a study using the therapeutic grade essential oils Cinnamon and Oregano "antibiotic" what he found was that not one single virus or bacteria can live in the presence of these oils!
I’ve taken this direction for myself, family and pets and I hope you'll think through doing the same.