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Dog Breeding

You may feel awkward or uneasy when breeding your dog and I know it is a serious decision one dog owner has to make. But here are some good tips that will make the process easier for you and your dog.

You should choose the right partner for your dog – this is one of the most significant things to do. Bear in mind that the puppies carry with them the genes of their parents, so you should choose a partner that is healthy, attractive, and other positive qualities you like your dog to possess.

The female dog should be very healthy so that giving birth and pregnancy is very easy. Before the breeding process, she should be well fed with supplements and the right amount of nutrition to have all the energy and boosts her body for the pregnancy.

Knowing important records about the male and female dog can give a success to the breeding process, but you should focus more on the female’s records. You should know medical issues and background of the female, time of the year where she is in heat, and any important changes in her behavior.

You should also establish a firm foundation to your veterinarian. Having a good relationship with your vet is very essential since he/she is there all throughout the breeding process. You might want to ensure that the vet is doing his/her best for the process to become successful.

We cannot avoid the fact that dogs also possess reproductive problems. Usually, female dogs have more reproductive problems than the male dogs. But problems for the males are more difficult to solve. Low sperm count, anatomical defects, and reproductive organ infection are very common problems. Male dogs may also less or no interest whenever they have Brucellosis, arthritis of the spine, and hypothyroidism.

For the female, the right timing is needed in order to have a successful breeding. That right timing is when the female dog is in heat. But, that heat period is usually hard to tell with the proper hormone tests. Fortunately, veterinarians have all the ways to know when the best time to breed is. Heat period for females occur every 6 months and it starts when they reach 1 year. It is also advisable that the female dog is fully grown, as to avoid any complications during the pregnancy.

Once a female dog is in heat, it will show signs like changes in temperament, the way she acts, etc. There are many different signs but they blood discharge is the most common. You will also know that the female is willing to breed once she is in heat. Blood discharges are usually from dark red to a tan color. You will then have to let the male and female spend time together, like a couple of days and let them do their process.

Be sure to watch and study the changes in your female for once the heat period is over, you’ll have to wait for the next 6 months. The vet will then be able to tell if your dog is pregnant 22 days after the breeding time.

Breeding occurs naturally without help from humans, but if you want to accelerate the process, a little help won’t hurt the dogs. Hope these tips will bring you joy and success in dog breeding.

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